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Knifing Commando Army Rules Empty Knifing Commando Army Rules

Post by Cesar on Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:37 pm

Clan Rules Overview
This is just a list of the rules for the Junior Knifing Commando Army clan

General Rules
- Respect your teammates, guests, leaders, and your foe - on and off the battlefield.
- No vulgar (swearing or something that can allude to a swear), flaming, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, adult, racist, spam like material (text or vocal) at any time on any JRKCA application including: The forums, the BFH server and Xfire.
- No stat padding, common sense.
- Breaking any of the ROE and other JRKCA rules (below) will be dealt with teh harshest way possible - Advertising of any kind that is not for or in favor of the JRKCA clan will not be tolerated on our BFH server (follow the directions of the admins if instructed).

Rules Of Action (members)

- Your name represents the clans name, your tags represent your affiliation as a family. We expect all members to behave themselves at all times – no matter the game, or the circumstances.
- We know keeping your mouth shut sometimes is hard, and we think highly of teammates who can back each other up. This is a family, so support one another!
- We need our members to respect everyone and to treat everyone, not how they deserve to be treated, but how you would treat a teammate - yes, this includes the 12 year old boy who can’t stop spilling **** out of his mouth, and the brats who got downloaded the game yesterday and think they are better than you.
- This is no ordinary team, this is the Junior Knifing Commando Army clan – if you want to be part of it, act like it!

Rules Of Engagement (members)

- Base Raping (killing enemies in their base): this is BFH, it’s hard to not rape enemy when they are spawning all over you. , In the middle of the game, stealing a vehicle, damaging there resources, is fine; on the other hand, entering an enemies un-capable main when it’s there only place of spawn is rude and unacceptable – don’t do it.
- Lone Wolfing (not playing as a team): if you want to run around in circles by yourself, you are not JRKCA material. If you do so, you are not being a true member – it’s disgraceful.
- Communication: /or the lack there of. Communication is a must, ignorance is disgusting. The reason we have a xfire for the clan is for communication - it’s plainly stupid to not talk and communicate on the battlefield when all you have to do is push a button down. Get your Mic working, get your in-game chat button set up, learn to use it, correct the games sound levels, and communicate – there is no excuse.

Forum Rules

1. Be polite
2. No Rasicm
4. No selling real gaming accounts

if you do not obide by these rules, then you will simply be kicked out of JRKCA after you have recieved several warning, as you have noticed i have installed the warning level bars, one they are full you will be asked to leave.

Rules are non-negotiable, all users of Junior Knifing Commando Army applications need to be aware of these rules and follow them accordingly.


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